For those who like exploring nature and technology at the same time, will then find this gadget designed and developed by a Cypriot student at the University of Dundee Scotland, very interesting. Harris Angeli is a fourth-year BSc student of Mechanical Engineering of Renewable Energy and shared with us briefly how this idea emerged.

Harris is a trip lover, hiking a lot and carrying out various activities in nature. Having tested several products such as solar panels, hydroelectric power and wind, he was not satisfied with the efficiency and overall design of the aforementioned products, when he decided to create something by his own from scratch.

He called it Wind-E, which stands for Wind-Energy (E) combining the main following characteristics:

  • It will be lightweight to carry with ease
  • It can be disassembled, and it will allow the user to add new parts to increase its efficiency when wind speeds are low
  • It will be waterproof, aesthetically nice and wont generate noise

You can help him develop the best product by completing the questionnaire HERE

We need such scientists and we hope to find this product on shelves soon, or at least on E-bay or Amazon 😉