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Our organization, Together Cyprus, has been established in 2017 and is currently the most successful network of volunteers in Cyprus. In cooperation with the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment, the Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGOs, along with more than three hundred and fifty collaborations with NGOs, local authorities, academic institutions, public and private bodies, informal groups, etc., our main common objective is to promote the ideology of volunteerism by developing beneficial synergies regarding up to date social issues.

Our Team: If anybody had to portray the spirit and philosophy of our team with one image, then that would be a huge mosaic of people….all those people whose respect and love for the environment and common future, this effort becomes a reality.

We have already created a number of beneficial collaborations with a set of associations, as indicated in the section “PARTNERSHIPS”. However the following three volunteering teams are the ones whom we are working on a continuous basis together:

  1. Greennovation – Organization promoting the clean natural environment
  2. Tesura Cyprus – Organisation promoting the reuse of “waste” materials
  3. CSR Store – A Corporate Social Responsibility Organisation

The promotion of sustainable development, the integration of social and environmental consciousness into education and the enhancement of the Cypriot culture are just a few of the actions we believe will improve in our society. Within the framework of the above objectives, we are developing actions such as events, campaigns, partnerships with European Agencies for the implementation of programs such as Erasmus + etc.

Our aim is to spread the message of volunteerism and cooperation of the society, considering that we can create strong relationships of trust among all citizens and especially those with fewer opportunities.

If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.― Will Smith

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    Kyriacou Matsi 56, Nicosia – Cyprus
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