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Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental disasters affecting the oceans. Once discarded into the natural environment, plastic can take up to 500 years to disappear. Every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic litter is thrown into the ocean. Drifting between waters, it can be ingested and can strangle or suffocate many animal species. Under the effect of the sun, it breaks into fragments called microplastics that can be ingested by fishes and enter the food-chain, which can have lasting impacts on human health.

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Beat Plastic Cyprus

The project “Beat Plastic Cyprus” has been funded by the Prince Albert II Monaco Foundation in developing a Plastic Free Network of organizations. This involves the:

  • Dissemination of the plastic pollution and its consequences
  • Development of a plastic free strategy for organizations
  • Evaluating the feasibility of a charter
  • Creation of a network of  interested organisations

Find below the organisations which have already been trained and educated about the issue of plastic pollution and therefore carry on efforts to reduce their plastic footprint

Yellow – Public Bodies | Blue – Private Entities | Green – NGOs | Brown – Schools

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