Beyond Plastic

Beyond Plastic

During the year 2020, our organisation has been successfully accepted for the global BEYONDPLASTIC award towards our mission to rid the world of single-use plastics.

For centuries we have packaged our goods with beautiful materials such as paper, cardboard or organic fibers being quite in sync with nature. Then around 70 years ago a new magic substance conquered our consumer life – you guessed it, plastic! This ‘magic material’ quickly gave engineers an abundant playground to create the fanciest products at low manufacturing cost.

The dark side: We became a throw-away society and started to pollute the world with our plastoholic behavior!

Our obsession with this ‘magic material’ is a short-sighted amour fou: We made it and made it and made it some more without a single thought about what happened when we no longer needed it. Like those plastic lids for the coffee-to-go cups: They are used for a couple of minutes and then remain in the world for hundreds of years. Plastics pollute the land, flow from the rivers to the sea where they degrade slowly into teeny-tiny particles, which are toxically absorbed by plants and animals and may return in the food on our tables. As the old saying goes: ‘You always meet twice in life’.

Over the last decades we have transformed Planet Earth into a waste dump of plastic trash. And it gets bigger and bigger every minute, every hour, every day.

Also: Plastic is made from limited fossile resources stressing the climate; but this is a different story.

We do not condemn plastic in total. Thanks to its functional characteristics it can make sense using it for long-lasting products. But for short-use products such as packages, we do not think it is a good choice.

BEYONDPLASTIC is an initiative and affair of the heart created by Ulrich Krzyminski, an entrepreneur, engineer & inventor with an industry insight in the printing & packaging industry.

Katie Holloway is doing the PR work with her communication agency Cocoon Communications which supports eco-friendly and sustainable businesses with their marketing activities.

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