Frequently Asked Questions

1) I want to participate with my colleagues from work. What should I do?

2) We want to participate as a school and clean wherever we choose. We also want it to be a working day. Can we?

3) We are a family / group of friends and we want to join a team. What do we do? I am alone but I really want to participate. Can I?

4) I want to join the diving groups for sea cleaning. How can I do this?

5) I want to suggest a cleaning point where there is uncontrolled littering. What do I do?

6) We are a company and we are interested in becoming part of your sponsors. What do we do?

7) What are the cleaning materials and how will they be delivered to me if I need them?

Contact Details


Phone number: 70005022

Address: Α.Adamantiou 15,
Kato Polemidia, 4152,
Limassol, Cyprus