Let’s Do It! Cyprus

What is Let’s Do It! Cyprus?

Let’s do it! Cyprus is part of the Let’s do it World! Campaign, a global clean-up campaign that aims to rid the natural areas of the world of rubbish. At the same time, it is probably the largest volunteer program ever organized in the world. The past few years, Cyprus is one of the highest countries in the production of waste in Europe.

What is the purpose of the campaign and why is it so important?

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness and active participation of the public in issues related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of the terrestrial and marine environment in Cyprus. The Let’s Do It! campaign has been active in Cyprus since 2012, counting over 210 thousand volunteers, and freeing Cyprus from tons of garbage found on the streets, in the cities and in the natural habitat of Cyprus! The “Let’s Do It! Cyprus” Campaign is the largest environmental action taking place on our island.

Let’s Do It! Cyprus 2022  #STOXERISOU

Join our campaign by filling out this application form and become one of the 60 million volunteers in 191 countries who want to rid the world of garbage. Let’s Do It! Cyprus embraces all volunteers regardless of age, race, sexuality, religion, socio-economic status, disability or experience since we believe that it is in #inyourhand and in the hands of all of us to make our world more beautiful with compassion and ecological sensitivity. Organize your team and join us between 24-30 October 2022 for the largest simultaneous volunteer action in all of Cyprus!!

Let’s Do It! Cyprus 2021

After the 2020 campaign which was our most challenging to date, we knew that we had to get creative and think of ways to engage with the biggest number of volunteers while at the same time address overall public fatigue and fears regarding the Covid-19 Virus. We also wanted to target specific audiences who either hold existing positions of power or who we believe are key players to future decision -making policies. In other words, we wanted to attract public bodies and institutions who hold some sort of status quo in society (present leaders leading by example) or young generations (soldiers, students, children) who are the future shapers of our country.

Over 270 teams and 18,000 individuals managed to collect 145 tons of mixed trash and 41 tons of PMD. With the help of the Union of Municipalities and the Union of Communities all trash has been picked up and taken to legal dumping sites or processed, whereby all our volunteers were given additional instructions of separating glass, cans and batteries according to local provisions and charities.

Hundreds of Schools participated in our campaign along with companies and other organizations.

Public Bodies such as the Cyprus Police, the Cyprus Fire Brigade and the Cyprus Ports Authority organized various clean-ups in the sea and parks across Cyprus. At the same time, soldiers from more than 35 Army Divisions of the National Guard cleaned sites near their camps or parks. In addition to this, we had the massive participation of 3 Ministries with the presence of Ministers, Government officials, Ambassadors and Foreign Diplomats. For the first time this year, American and British troops also participated as well as a branch of the UNDP in Cyprus.

let's do it Cyprus 2021 results
Who are we?

Since 2107, the Together Cyprus family has officially taken the lead of the Let’s Do It! Cyprus campaign. Every year, in addition to the Commissioner we also have the active support of the Department of Environment, the Forestry Department, the Union of Communities and the Union of Municipalities.

In addition to the organizing team, Let’s Do It! Cyprus could not be realized without the valuable support of our sponsors who stand by our side every year and help us realize our dream of a cleaner Cyprus.

Finally, Let’s Do It! Cyprus consists of all the people of Cyprus, our volunteers who love their country and generously offer their time and energy in only exchange for a more beautiful and healthier island.

Information can also be found on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Sponsors & Supporters of Let's Do It! Cyprus 2022
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Email: info@togethercyprus.org

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