Parallel House of Representatives

Our organisation is honoured to be represented in the first Parallel House on Environment, Ecology, Sustainability and Health while participating in the following committees:

  • Commission on Climate Change.
  • Commission on air and water quality in Cyprus.
  • Waste Management Committee.
  • Committee on Public Health.

What is the Parallel House

The Parallel House aims to develop an interactive relationship with society and citizens that will foster citizenship, participatory democracy, pluralism and transparency. Members of Parliament, as the most expressive of popular sovereignty, in addition to the purely legislative work they produce and the parliamentary activity they carry out, will, in a new constitutional context, reflect on citizens’ concerns, concerns and problems, and will interact through a permanent channel of communication and dialogue with citizens.

Furthermore, recognizing the existence and production of specialized knowledge and know-how, but also accumulated experience in our country, the House will act as a good conduit for exploiting these opportunities for the benefit of society on an organized and regular basis. In particular, the Parliament, acting as a driving force for the promotion of the interests of society and of the state and co-ordinator of parliamentary and political affairs in general, aspires first to make society active in the global developments that contribute to their development. that they do not passively watch as mere spectators of what is happening and affecting them.In this way, productive forces from all walks of life, but also groups of citizens and individuals, through common synergies, will contribute to progress and development at all levels, economic, social, political, cultural.


Parallel House on Environment, Ecology-Sustainability and Health

The functioning of the Parallel House on Environment, Ecology-Sustainability and Health is particular in its global effort to address environmental issues vital to humans, such as climate change, air and water quality, waste management, the use of chemicals products and other sources of energy and their effects on public health.

The House of Representatives alone, but also within the European Parliament, has already taken legislative measures and regulations aimed at stopping environmental disaster and alleviating problems created and deteriorating the quality of life of citizens, such as the laws that concern waste management, pollution control, genetic resources and maritime spatial planning, with many others pending approval.

Contact Details


Phone number: 70005022

Address: Α.Adamantiou 15,
Kato Polemidia, 4152,
Limassol, Cyprus