Precious Plastic Cyprus

About us

Hello! We are Precious Plastic.

Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online, for free. So everyone can start…..and this is how our story begins, the story of Precious Plastic Cyprus.

We are independent, poor but free :). We come from various volunteering NGOs with a common cause, a cleaner island. We have a single target, tp connect hundreds of people all over the island to contribute to the project with their skills & knowledge as a result to spread wider information and techniques in regards to the sustainable plastic management, or better no plastic use.

Precious Plastic was started in 2013 by Dave Hakkens and is now at its third iteration (version) counting on dozens of people working on the project, remotely or on site (somewhere below sea level in the Netherlands).

Join the fight against plastic pollution. Your enthusiasm and know how are precious!

Useful Information

What type of plastic do we use?
Any clean plastic that can be recycled.

Where can you find us?
You will be informed soon 🙂


We have created machined that enable anyone to recycle plastic.  They are made from basic materials, affordable & easy to build.

Shredder machine
Plastic waste is shredded into flakes which will be used in the other machines to create new things.

Injection machine

Plastic flakes are heated and injected into a mold. It’s a relatively quick process which is well suited for creating small objects repeatedly. We have created molds completely ourselves by using CNC mills or lathes, or by simply welding them.


We turn this underestimated material into a wide range of products. Design highly precise objects, start small productions or go more free hand and create unique pieces.



Sometimes we are feeling more arty and want to use plastic waste for exhibition or performance. No longer- craft unique, one-off, concept-heavy creations for our art






We start producing our own building material from unused plastic around you. We make beams & bricks using techniques or machines and start building the future







Creating modular products that allow us to think bigger, beyond the machines. Craft unique patterns that will surprise you each time.




Making our home come alive with colourful, handy and iconic objects from unused plastic.




High precision
We are taking it to the next level and create super precise and detailed moulds to make highly professional products for your customers




We craft your own precious jewellery set to show off with family and friends.




Getting the most out of plastic’s strength & durability by creating functional products or objects for your day to day life


Creating our little plastic recycling shop with a wide and exciting variety of products, colours, textures and styles to fit different people around the world.

Contact Details


Phone: 70005022

Address: Postal Box 23310,
Nicosia, 1081 Cyprus