Tesura Cyprus

Tesura is a concept of using waste as an opportunity for creativity and social change. Based on the philosophy of circular economy, it promotes environmental awareness and action through reduce, reuse and recycle.

Firstly formed in Spain, TESURA is a mix of the Spanish words tesoro = treasure and basura = garbish. At first, collecting thrown away furniture, fixing or completely renovating them and offering them back to the community for free. As we became famous waste transformers, we continued from furniture to home appliances, repairing, renovating and establishing a culture of exchange. This concept of circular economy was of great interest from schools, universities and public organisations, which we continue to pitch and deliver workshops of how to value waste. TESURA continued the exchange of things, creating projects with local communities that focus on books, clothes and at time food waste, organising social dinner from almost ´expired´ food.

Moreover, a basic characteristic of TESURA, is the creative approach to waste, as what cannot be ´recycled´ it is used for art purposes, producing what we calle Árt from Trash´ that include installations made in public spaces to create awareness or just involving people and organising workshops of art using waste; building on relationships, creativity and establishing an open and ´feel good´ environment.

It continues with the same passion in Cyprus, using an artistic approach to upcycling, exploring ways to create value on waste in respect with the environment.


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Contact Details

Email: info@togethercyprus.org

Phone: 70005022

Address: Postal Box 23310,
Nicosia, 1081 Cyprus